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GM Rakhmanov Aleksandr (RUS)

Rakhmanov AlexandrInternational GrandMaster
FIDE rating - 2612

- 195 in the World

-Bronze-medalist of the European and the World Youth Championships

-Winner and prize winner of many international chess tournaments


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Rubinshtein's variation

02 January 2013

chess The next training will be on January,5-6.

I'm going to explain a Rubinshtein's variation-very interesting weapon against 1.e4 (1...c5 2.Nf3-Nf6!?)

Happy New Year

25 December 2012

happy new yearCongratulations with New Year and Christmas!

GM's Thinking - Douglas Martinez Memorial

08 December 2012


GM's Thinking - Douglas Martinez Memorial

The 5 games of the tournament including the win against 2717!

Tactics class

07 December 2012


The next online training- December,15-16.

Thailand Camp

05 December 2012


2-month training camp:Phuket,Thailand.

Breaking Top-200

14 November 2012


As you know I played in the"Douglas Martinez Memorial" in Venezuela and played very well.


Written by Rakhmanov Aleksandr 28 October 2012

venezuela chess rakhmanov

Douglas Martinez Memorial in Venezuela.

Basic tactical motifs-2

16 October 2012

Slav Defence: 4.Qb3 variation

08 October 2012

The slavThe slav: 4.Qb3 variation

As I said the next stop is 4.Qb3 variation.

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